New & Renovated GPU Units

New Units


As the primary installation and commissioning agents for ITW GSE AXA Power in the United Kingdom, we can supply, install and commission new units.

The 400 Hz units are available with either AC or DC outputs, and have the options to be either fixed or mobile.


AXA 2400 Compact Fixed & Mobile Units

Options for the AXA 2400 compact include; 30,45,60, & 90 kVA. All variations of the units still ensure optimal performance and reliability.

With the ‘plug & play’ system allowing for a uniquely high quality output voltage.

A fully installed new unit works perfectly alongside the JLC crocodile and can fully utilise our in-house cables and plugs.


View the product brochure and specification from ITW GSE. Alternatively you contact us or fill out an enquiry form to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.




AXA 1400 28 VDC Mobile & Fixed Units

Produced to be small, light-weight, and easily manoeuvrable, the unit is designed to not take up much space neither in mobile of fixed versions of the unit. Wear and tear is kept to a minimum due to the nature of the solid-state technology and subsequent lack of rotating parts.


We also have a range of DC output cables available to be used in conjunction with the AXA 1400.


View the full product brochure and specifications at ITW GSE.


Alternatively if you require more information or advise on what unit you require, or if you want to enquire about a product not listed. Please do contact us or fill out an enquiry form.


Reconditioned Units

We also occasionally reclaim, and recondition used units. Quite often new units are installed and commissioned under expansion projects, however the units that are removed are quite often salvageable for spare parts, or on occasions are able to be renovated and recommissioned.


The reconditioned units that we often have in stock ready to be re-commissioned are:


Second Hand AXA 2300 Units

The AXA 2300 unit, now discontinued from AXA Power itself, are still widely used on airports around the world. The 2300 units operate to the same high standards as the newer units, and when properly maintained can still be used effectively. We reclaim the AXA 2300 units in order to renovate and recondition them in order to sell or hire to smaller airports, aerodromes, and heliports, or for any application which may not have the budget to cover the install of new units.

You can view the specification of the AXA 2300 through ITW GSE, alternatively please contact us or fill out an enquiry form to request a quotation.

Second Hand Houchin C690  T1 / T3 Engine Drive Units

The Houchin C690 Diesel Engine Driven GPU, also now a discontinued product from ITW GSE, are still utilised on airports around the world. Despite becoming less common due to the development of fixed electrical ground power, the engine driven units are still utilised in areas where electrical supply is not as consistent.

We hold a selection of Houchin C690 units to hire out for those who find themselves without any ground power. From this we can take away your faulty GPU to source required parts and make necessary repairs. All the while ensuring that your stand or hanger remains fully in use whilst the repairs take place.


If you are in need of hiring a engine driven GPU, then please contact us, or alternatively fill out an enquiry form to request a quotation.