JLC’s Cable Carrying Crocodile

Cable Carrying Crocodile – Getting Power To The Aircraft

We have developed our own Airport Ground Power Cable Carrying Crocodile System.

Aircraft power cabling and aircraft plugs are subjected to severe levels of impact damage, collisions, rough handling and heavy wear. The damage caused to the power cables, plugs and metalwork consequently delays aircraft, inhibits personnel safety, and can incur unforeseen costs.


Our crocodile system.  Designed & Engineered to be simple, reliable, hard wearing. With “plug and play” components, it promotes a much longer life-span than similar units on the market. Additionally the comprehensive design ensures ease of repair in situ, and the replacement of parts.

Design Features & Benefits

In addition to the ‘Plug & Play’ components, the unit itself has been designed in order to protect the key components from impact and element damage. This is done while still being able to maintain ease of movement.


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