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JLC Services Lands Jumbo Project at Heathrow

JLC Services Lands Jumbo Project - BA 747 Hangar at Heathrow Airport - cropIn a unique collaboration, associated companies JLC Aviation Services and  JLC Automation Services have bespoke designed a remote control operating system and breathed new life into the automation of the 747 Undercarriage Testing Platforms in a British Airways hanger at London Heathrow Airport.

The Boeing 747 is often referred to by its original nickname, the Jumbo Jet, or Queen of the Skies. Housed in the dedicated 747 British Airways hangar at London Heathrow Airport are vast elevation platforms that support the aircraft and provide access to its undercarriage for testing and servicing of the landing gear, in a similar way to vehicle inspection pits.

Already approved suppliers for London Gatwick Airport, JLC Automation Services and JLC Aviation proved a perfect combination to deliver the expertise needed when British Airways decided to upgrade the automation of its 747 testing platforms.

In a demanding and complex project, the JLC team has replaced and reconfigured the electrical motor and control cables in the 747 rigs to allow remote RF controllers to be used for the first time. With no cables or leads, this ensures an easier and, more importantly, safer, operating environment for British Airway’s service engineers.

Using a specially designed test box, JLC comprehensively proved the efficient operation of the new automated system before it was commissioned.  Additionally the pits were spring cleaned and the track system was fully serviced as part of the project.

JLC Aviation Services has a three year contract with Gatwick Airport to supply and maintain the ground power to aircraft that are being prepared for departure.

JLC Automation Services has a five year contract to service, maintain and repair all of the automatic doors and other automated entrances at London Gatwick and has received prestigious awards and accolades from the airport.

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