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JLC ‘One Stop Shop’

Getting Power To The Aircraft

The JLC ‘One Stop Shop’ Scenario

JLC Aviation Services are proud to provide a complete solution to aircraft ground power,  bringing power from the sub-station to the aircraft – completely in house. Being able to facilitate the process in its entirety ensures the highest level of service to our clients. Full installations and maintenance projects completed consistently in a professional and timely manner.


Project Efficiency

Our team is comprised of fully certified NIC EIC electrical contractors, alongside our qualified and experienced aviation technicians.

Our unique ability to run a project from start to finish completely in house without the need to bring in sub-contractors ensures we have full control over a projects timescales guaranteeing minimal delays.


Component Reliability

The reliability of the components is as much as an important factor as the efficient delivery of the project itself.

Not only do we have the personnel to fully complete a new install without the use of Sub-contractors. We also provide all the physical components required. As the recognised UK agent for ITW GSE , we can supply and install a number of AXA POWER FEGP or mobile GPU units. While also being able to provide our own branded, in-house designed; sockets, cables, and cable carrying crocodile to facilitate getting power to the aircraft.


Finally, the benefits of the ‘One Stop Shop’ scenario mentioned are also utilised when we conduct a service and maintenance call. Also to the repair and replacement of parts and components.


If you require further information regarding a ‘One Stop Shop’ scenario, you can contact us directly at .