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JLC Group at Gatwick Airport Pier 6

Project: Gatwick Airport Pier 6 remote arrivals modification

Customer: Gatwick Airport Ltd. and Balfour Beatty

Date: 10/12/19 – 13/12/19


Following JLC’s installation of a cable carrying crocodile at Gatwick Airport, JLC’s automated access control team was commissioned to design and install a complex custom control solution for stand 102 and 103 arrivals.


Gatwick Airport is currently extending Pier 6 to accommodate more aircraft stands. As a result, several stands at the pier have had to be closed as work continues, reducing the number of available spaces for planes to park at the pier. To combat this, stands 102 and 103, which was configured as a single stand, has been reconfigured to accommodate two different stands. During these works, JLC was contracted to supply and install a cable carrying crocodile for use on stand 103.


The original stand 102 and 103 gates shared a single departures and arrivals route controlled by a single junction box. Because of this, the access control systems were unable to operate independently from each other and the gates could therefore not be used simultaneously.

JLC Group were instructed to survey with a request to offer a solution to modify the existing set up and separate both gates/stands to work independently.

The system was 15 years old and was installed as part of the original pier 6 project. Since then, no service has taken place and no relay replaced, and all equipment had exceeded their life expectancy. The survey also found that control cabling was at risk of failing due to fragile and loose connections.

The area had also been disconnected from the automatic lift and heating systems to accommodate a temporary solution. Because of this, departing and arriving passengers experienced long waiting queues at the lifts and poor temperature control at the gates.


To enable both gates to operate simultaneously and independent from each other.


JLC were commissioned to design and install an access control modification with the goal of separating access control between stands 102 and 103. Full scope of works included:

  • Installation of additional CEM master reader to stand 103 and separate the activation between the existing arrivals reader for stand 102/103 in order to provide two separate arrivals selections between the gates.
  • Separate stand 102 and 103 from the current node remote switching configuration to provide two separate gate departures and arrivals stands independently departing through a common arrivals route.
  • Configure interlocking between Arrivals and Departures door to a standard signal interface set up.
  • Reinstall activation interfaces for heaters and lifts in order to improve passenger experience through the gates.
  • Reconfigure hold back configuration to stand 103 arrivals/departures and common jetty door.


JLC completed all works on time and on budget. This project brilliantly displays how our Aviation Ground Power and Automated Access Control teams can be used together to improve Airport reliability and efficiency from when the passenger first steps off the plane all the way through the terminal.