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JLC Empowers Southampton Airport to Go Green with FEGP Maintenance

JLC are pleased to announce a 5 year agreement to maintain Southampton Airports new FEGP units as they power towards greener energy. The current 4 units are powered by 100% renewable energy and the airport is committed to installing FEGP on all aircraft stands by 2030. Before FEGP was rolled out, stationary aircraft that were being offloaded or awaiting passengers were charged by built-in Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) which use jet fuel, or Ground Power Units (GPUs) which are mobile engines powered by diesel.

Not only is this more expensive for Airlines or Ground Operators, but diesel driven units account for 42% of emissions during an aircraft turnaround.  Southampton’s commitment to green power is expected to save nearly 600 tonnes of CO²  each year. 

This is the equivalent to:

  • 1,500,000 miles covered by a car
  • 260,600 litres of petrol and 221,950 litres of diesel*
  • 100 homes’ electricity supply for the whole year
  • Could charge up to 76,000,000 smartphones
  • 200 tonnes of waste

Speaking on the launch of FEGP at the airport, Neil Garwood, Managing Director at Southampton Airport, said; “This is the first phase of our Fixed Electrical Ground Power programme, which is one of many ways that will contribute to Southampton Airport becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, we also aim to have Fixed Electrical Ground Power at all 12 stands that same year.”

JLC are pleased to be working with Southampton Airport to improve operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.