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GPU Hire and Rental

GPU Hire


JLC offer both short and long term GPU hire options for a range of GPUs. Our technical experts regularly service our units to keep them running efficiently and in good condition so they are ready to be used at a moments notice. We offer 100KVA units with both AC and DC options available. Our GPU servicing standards have allowed us to become  ITW GSE’s official servicing agent in the UK.


Diesel Driven GPU’s


Perfect for short term rental in place of a broken unit, the Houchin 690 Diesel Driven GPU has over 30 years of proven reliability and is a great option as a backup unit.







Mobile FEGP Solid-state units


Where diesel GPU’s cant be used due to noise and environmental pollution, a Fixed Electrical Ground Power Unit provides quiet, emission free power to Aircraft. Available as a fixed unit or on wheels, it is a versatile option and a reliable back up unit. FEGP’s are especially useful in enclosed spaces such as hangars and maintenance zones.




Short term rental

Our short term GPU hire options are designed to keep the apron running efficiently and limit stand downtime while we repair your unit. Our service ensures your aircraft stand is available for use with:

  • Quick delivery and shipping
  • personal support from our technical engineers
  • A ready to use unit

To enquire about our GPU repair and maintenance services, find our service page here.


Long term rental

JLC offer long term hiring options to Airports who require semi-permanent units, backup units or a low operational cost alternative to buying a unit. To discuss leasing options, don’t hesitate to contact us at