400Hz Cable and Cable Carriers

JLC Group provide premium 400Hz cabling and robust cable carriers to the UKs busiest airports. We pride ourselves in our ability to keep airports running effectively and efficiently.


Cable Carriers

JLC Cable Carrying Crocodile

Our cable carrier integrates ‘knuckles’ into its design to ensure the protection of the high voltage cables during periods of movement, therefore providing the cable with a longer lifespan. The cable basket itself is built to withstand both environmental threats and negligence of use, and all areas of the structure are designed to perform consistently and reliably. Our unique design also allows the product to be stored away in an efficient manner when not in use, allowing for more free movement around the area and preventing a potential tripping hazard.

Our modular design is easy to install, operate and maintain, and universal parts make repairs quick and easy, should they be needed.

Manufactured to meet the needs of the crews that operate them.


  • A Smart Design — Designed with input from ground-side engineers.
  • Reliable — Built to withstand environmental damage and negligence of use.
  • Tested — In use at a number of regional and international airports.
  • Robust — Manufactured with parts derived from underground mining equipment.


400Hz GPU Output Cables and Plugs











Trusted by the UK’s largest Airports

Premium quality 400Hz cable designed to deliver power to the aircraft reliably. JLC premium cables feature a range of cable and socket options:

  • Various cable length options available
  • Fixed or detachable socket options available
  • Meets all security and safety airport requirements
  • AC and DC options available
  • Protection from fire, water, oil, petrol and other hazardous  chemicals, and conforms to RoHS  requirements.

Exceptional Performance and Reliability.

Due to its exceptionally long life-cycle, our aviation cable is in use at some of the UK’s busiest airports. JLC pride ourselves on being able to deliver our products to our customers across the UK on time and in a cost effective manner.


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Crocodile Modifications & Renovations

Along with our 400Hz Cable and Cable Carriers, our crocodile modification service is designed to extend the life of old crocodiles. This cost-effective solution ensures the equipment can run effectively and safely without the need to buy a new product. We offer this service to all models of cable carrier.

Components covered include:

  • Castors or Wheels
  • Cable Support Tracks & Guards
  • Replacement Output Cables & Sockets
  • Replacement Connection and Electrical elements




GPU Spare Parts and Repairs

In addition to our core products, we also stock a wide range of spare parts, components and accessories, all authentic from key manufacturers; ITW GSE, AXA Power, Houchin & Hobart. Our engineers strive to

repair equipment in a timely manner, ensuring stand availability and allowing the airport to run effectively.

Order Spare Parts

Our online store of spare parts provide Airports, Airlines and Ground handlers with a quick and easy way to source spares, whether its for immediate repairs or future maintenance.