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Cable Carrying Crocodile


The newest addition to our product portfolio.

Aircraft cables and sockets are constantly subjected to high levels of impact damage, extreme wear, and negligence. Together these factors result in many problems at busy airports.

Crocodiles considerably improve the life span of both the sockets and cables by helping to negate many of the negative influencing factors.

Our crocodile,  which is engineered to be simple, reliable, and hard wearing is available with a number of design features that can be adapted to fit the specific requirements.

These include the number of beam modules and orientation of the unit. While all units benefit from the “plug and play” components allowing for ease of replacement and repair in situ.

For more details about our Crocodile, including design & specification details please visit our Cable Carrying Crocodile Page. Alternatively contact us to speak with one of our team.


Crocodile Modifications & Renovations

“Repair or Replace??”  –

Quite often crocodiles fall victim to disrepair and neglect, – we at JLC offer a renovation service for old crocodiles.

This can be for individual components as well as full renovations on complete crocodile units.

Components covered include:

  • Castors or Wheels
  • Cable Support Tracks & Guards
  • Replacement Output Cables & Sockets
  • Replacement Connection Blocks & Electrical Components

For more details about our crocodile renovations, or for an enquiry or quotation, please fill out an enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you, alternatively you can contact us to speak with one of team.



GPU Output Cables

Designed completely in house, our own branded tough 70mm2 aviation cable is fully rated to 450V and is ideal for use in cable crocodiles as it retains high flexibility even under the influence of ozone, light, oxygen, protective gases, oil and petrol. The cables are resistant to both cold and heat, as well as to flames, and are suitable for use in open spaces and under dry and damp conditions.

The cable performance in respect of conductor resistance, construction quality, dimensional consistency, and longevity of life has been verified to published standards and it conforms to RoHS (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances).


Details of the various specifications available can be accessed through our online store.


Attachable Aircraft Plugs

We stock a comprehensive selection of 400 Hz AC and DC aircraft plugs to cover a variety of requirements. All plugs are manufactured to be ergonomic and have high impact resistance, and when combined with our robust aviation cables, make up the perfect solution for delivering ground power. Available plugs include:

Further details can be seen in our online store.


GPU Spare Parts

In addition to our core products, we also stock a wide range of spare parts, components and accessories, all authentic from key manufacturers; AXA Power, Houchin & Hobart. All of which cover both fixed and mobile ground power units.

To view our full comprehensive list of spare parts, components and accessories visit our online store.


For airports and airfields throughout the UK, JLC Aviation is a key point of contact for ground power products, spares & accessories. While holding a wide range of items in stock for speedy delivery, we are also able to deliver specialist items with efficient lead times.

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For details on our other services, please visit our New Units, Service & Maintenance and ‘One stop shop’ pages.