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Airport Cable Carrier

Airport Cable Carrier

JLC Cable Carrier at Glasgow Airport

JLC Cable Carriers

Our airport cable carrier integrates knuckles into its design to ensure the protection of the high voltage cables during periods of movement. Not only does this extend the cables life cycle, but also o,proved manoeuvrability of the unit. Additionally, the cable basket itself is built to withstand both environmental damage and negligence of use. The unique design also allows the product to be stored away in an efficient manner when not in use, allowing for more free movement around the area and preventing a potential trip hazard.

Our modular design is easy to install, operate and maintain, and universal parts make repairs quick and easy, should they be needed.

Manufactured to meet the needs of the crews that operate them.

  • A Smart Design — Designed with input from ground-side engineers.
  • Reliable — Built to withstand environmental damage and negligence of use.
  • Tested — In use at a number of regional and international airports.
  • Robust — Manufactured with parts derived from underground mining equipment.

Truly Modular

The JLC crocodile has a range of features and optional components to best fit its environment:

  • 3 or 4 metre beam modules protect cable.
  • Control box house cable connections and provide easy access for modifications.
  • Articulated cable track protects cable during periods of movement, therefore extending its life-cycle.
  • Cable Basket protects cable when not in use and provides modular housing for optional components.
  • Basket steps (Optional) – A modular extra, steps allow users to get closer to the aircraft plug, reducing strain on the operator.
  • Simple to use and widely available control buttons are a cost efficient way to operate the unit.
  • Castors and brakes – 300mm anti puncture wheels with roller castors provide free flowing movement.
  • Stamp Lock brake – an modular extra, this easy-to-use brake provides maximum stabilisation and promotes operator safety.

Design Features & Benefits

Beam Modules – Constructed in either 3m or 4m lengths with clipped down top cover to allow access to internal cable.

Control Box – Modular control cabinet fully IP66 Rated Epoxy-Polyester powder coated steel separate from the basket, housing crocodile, output & control cable connections, allows for efficient cable replacement.

Articulated Knuckle Cable Track – Constructed from heavy duty steel, designed to cope with harsh environmental factors ensuring complete cable protection, whilst still allowing a high degree of opening for beam modules & maintaining ease of movement.

Cable Basket – Constructed from 50x50mm box section with compartments for each output, perforated sheet metal floor, with steel plate mesh sides for cable containment. The basket is completely modular allowing for efficient replacement of all components.

Basket Steps (optional) – Basket steps allow users to get closer to the aircraft plug, leading to better handling of the cable and less strain on the operator.

Operational Controls – Schneider Electric fully IP66 rated actuator operational buttons & LEDs fitted for each output present within the unit. These items are easy to obtain and replace, leading to quick repairs.

Castors & Brakes – 300mm industrial solid puncture proof trolley wheels with roll bearings allowing for free-flowing low resistance movement. Combined with heavy duty stamp lock brakes to ensure safe operation.

3 Phase @ 50Hz Socket – As an optional extra, the basket can be fitted with a 3-phase socket to allow for 28VDC unit to be connected.

Cabling & Sockets – Output cables supplied with AC sockets as standard and constructed using 4x 70mm2 cable. 35mm2 earth cable used throughout linking entire unit from the basket end back to the ground.

Stamp Lock Brakes (Optional) –  Easy-to-use brake provides a stable platform when in operation. The brake can be bolted on to either side of the basket for convenient use.


Cable Carrier Modifications

Along with our new airport cable carriers, our crocodile modification service is designed to extend the life of old crocodiles. This cost-effective solution ensures equipment can run effectively and safely without the need to buy a new product. We offer this service to all models of cable carrier.

Crocodile reburb at London Gatwick Airport

Components covered include:

  • Castors or Wheels
  • Cable Support Tracks & Guards
  • Replacement Output Cables & Sockets
  • Replacement Connection and Electrical elements