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About Us

JLC Group – Aviation Ground Power

ground power unit manufacturerJLC Group is a leading Airport Engineering Company which is based in the UK. A combined 125+ years of engineering experience from a verity of fields allow us to provide complete aviation ground power solutions to Airports. At our core, we help Airports improve safety, efficiency and reliability.

Our Products

We supply the complete ground power solution. We provide UK and European Airports with:

  • New and second hand Ground Power Units.
  • 400Hz aircraft power cables and connectors
  • PIT Systems
  • Cable Carrying Crocodiles
  • Maintenance and services for a range of products
  • Spare parts for GPU equipment
  • Bespoke solution designs for specific needs


JLC are fully qualified to supply, install, maintain and commission ground power solutions. Our unique expertise in a range of fields allow us to provide the complete solution, bringing power from the Airport substation right to the Aircraft. This allows us to have full control of the project, ensuring a high quality solution is delivered on time and to budget. Our expertise doesn’t just stop on the ramp however, our automated access control systems bring the same high quality engineering solutions to the terminal.

We are the authorised servicing partner in the UK for ITW GSE, the world’s leading GPU manufacturer.

Where we work

We are based in Crawley, just outside of London (UK). Our location provides our customers with a fast response time. In fact, we can reach 7 of the 10 largest UK Airports within 4 hours should an emergency repair be required.

We supply and install our products in the UK and globally. Our growing list of prestigious clients includes the London Airports of Gatwick, Heathrow and London City for our fixed electrical ground power services and the TCR Group for our mobile electrical ground power services.