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400Hz cable assemblies and accessories

400Hz cable and accessories

JLC produce premium 400Hz aviation cable to reliably deliver power to the aircraft. Our lanyards are a perfect way to further extend the life of cable.

400Hz Aviation cable

Premium quality cable designed to deliver power to the aircraft reliably. JLC premium cables feature a range of cable and socket options:

  • Various cable length options available
  • Fixed or detachable socket noses
  • Meets all security and safety airport requirements
  • AC and DC options available
  • Protection from fire, water, oil, petrol and other hazardous¬† chemicals, and conforms to RoHS¬† requirements.

Cable Lanyards

JLC Group has engineered a new cost effective stress relief cable harness for use on 400hz aviation cables. The lanyard supports the weight of the cable from the aircraft instead of plug, reducing the risk of cable fractures and internal damage to the plug.

  • Used on all common aircraft models.
  • Constructed from hard wearing ABS Plastic and stainless steel.
  • Adjustable strap to bet fit aircraft and stand
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Fit all common 4x70mm and 7x35mm cables



Exceptional Performance and Reliability.

Due to its exceptionally long life-cycle, our aviation cable and lanyards are in use at some of the UK’s busiest airports. JLC pride ourselves on being able to deliver our products to our customers across the UK on time and in a cost effective manner.