The Power to Support Your Fixed and Mobile Aviation GPUs (Ground Power Units)

To support your GPUs (Ground Power Units), contact JLC Aviation Services. We provide everything you need to keep your fixed or mobile aviation ground power units (GPUs) operating efficiently and safely, from supplying, installing & commissioning new units, to supplying parts and servicing existing units.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers can help ensure your GPU equipment is maintained at peak performance; whether that’s simply supplying spare parts, replacement cables and connectors as needed, or through delivering a scheduled on-site servicing or training programme.

Thoroughly trained by the manufacturers, our technical team can assist with advice and support for all brands of GPU, including AXA Power, Hobart and Houchin for which we are the authorised; installation, commissioning and servicing partner within the UK.


For further information about JLC Aviation Services, please refer to About Us. For details on our range of products & services for ground power unit manufacturers, please visit our New &  Renovated Units, Approved Products & Accessories, and our Service & Maintenance pages; then contact us or complete our Enquiry form.

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